If you’ve ever driven down a street and wondered whether that new café is any good or what the inside of that gallery looks like stop one afternoon when you’re not busy and smell the espresso beans. For at least a year or so a friend of mine has wanted to make it a regular habit of stopping in to The Good Neighbour on Annette. Thispast New Years day she made it there. We made it shortly before it closed, as it was a holiday, but just in time to sit for a bit while the barista tidied and closed up shop for the day. The espresso bar can be summed up in several words- cozy, sparse, revamped and warm.

How can a place be both sparse and cozy? One word – fireplace (and comfy chairs) which are presided over by a (fake) mounted reindeer head with a red nose which adds an element of whimsy.

Although The Good Neighbour at first glance appears sparsely decorated if you take a closer look someone has taken a great deal of time andI assume effort to use reclaimed or found materials in not only the décor but the essential elements as well. The light fixtures appears to be something Edison himself may have used, a table in the corner is an old industrial sized spool and the bar is sided with what appears to be tin ceiling tiles.

There is a rich history from the elements that make up this delightful espresso bar. If ever you want to feel warmth and welcoming join the crowd at The Good Neighbour for a $4.25 latte (taxes included in the price). Remember it is our community, our neighbourhood and the people in it who make us great.