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There are so many factors to consider when thinking of a move. If you’re single and looking to buy on your own you may consider locations closest to transit, entertainment etc. If you have a young family you are definitely going to be looking at the schools and parks in your area. You may be finished raising a family and hoping to downsize to smaller house or condo. In any of these cases accessibility is always a factor especially if you do not own a car or if you happen to share one vehicle. Then there is affordability, some areas of the city are more affordable than others. In Etobicoke we have it all; top-notch schools, readily available transit, churches, daycare, numerous grocery stores and plenty of housing options depending on your needs. Are you looking for something short-term, long-term, permanent? Do you want a house, townhouse or condo/apt? If you are asking yourselves these questions then you are seriously thinking of making a move. Whether you are taking the plunge into the housing market or are an old-hat at it you will need the guidance of an experienced agent. Heck, why not two? Kathy and Joe know Etobicoke (and its surrounding areas). They know what schools are best, they know where you will be happiest. They have access to the best mortgage specialists and lawyers to prepare you for your purchase. In making a call to Kathy and Joe Gordon you are ensuring that you will make a smart move. They have the experience, resources and knowledge to find the perfect home for you.