Kathy and Joe grew up mere blocks from 3 Dewitt Rd. If anyone can tell you what this location has to offer you, it’s them.  If you take a short walk in any direction you have the best of what Etobicoke has to offer. To the South is West Deane Park with its creek, baseball diamonds and outdoor pool for summer swimming. To the N/E is Lloyd Manor plaza with groceries, hair salons, pharmacies and many other conveniences. In the very same direction is Martingrove Collegiate where both Kathy and Joe attended high school as well as their brothers, sisters and eldest daughter. To the East is Princess Margaret Junior School and John G. Althouse Middle School, where not only did Kathy and Joe attend but our Prime Minister Stephen Harper as well. What the neighborhood has to offer most of all is family. Not our family but yours. There is room to grow and thrive as a family. There are schools, parks, stores and friends just waiting for you. Kathy and Joe thrived in this community and still do. They grew with their families and developed life-long friendships right around the corner from Dewitt Rd. This may be the very place your children will flourish and form their life-long friendships. Just imagine it and we can make it happen.