Last night I got a rare and delightful opportunity. For those of you who may question what there is to do in Etobicoke, here is my answer: Everything! I’ve heard of paintball, go-carting, mini-golf, karaoke and now book launches—at a church. If you use your imagination and a little research you can manage to find just about anything to do in Etobicoke. A friend of mine invited me to join her at a book launch her church was holding. This intrigued me for two reasons a) I love books b) do churches normally hold book launches? I was curious. I know that they rent their facilities to all sorts of groups including Girl Guides, AA etc (not at the same time for obvious reasons). What could a book being launched at a church be about? Don’t worry I found out for you. Last night in Etobicoke at Humber Valley United Church, Carla Sandrin launched her self-published novel titled ‘Uncorrupted’. There was quite a good turn-out and unfortunately for me I was a bit late so the parking lot was full by the time I arrived. For those who had yet to eat because they may have come from the gym and not had time for dinner there were fruit plates and pastry platters as well as refreshments. This was very convenient as the lines to both buy and have the book signed were quite long. Once settled into the pew my questions were answered. Carla had gone on a journey to discover more about her faith as well as faith in general. After two years or so of research she found inspiration for a novel resulting in ‘Uncorrupted’.  Admittedly the journey for answers still continues for the author but where better to find answers than in church. Thankfully I would not stay up nights wondering whether or not it was normal practice for novels to receive their launch in church sanctuaries. In an introduction to the author and her novel we were informed that no, churches did not normally hold book launches or at least this one didn’t. In its 60 years this was its first literary venture. So if you look hard enough you can find interesting things to do in Etobicoke any day of the week, even Wednesdays, in church.