Downtown Toronto

This past Sunday the sky was clear and I was able to snap a few pictures of our cities skyline from the 25th floor of Etobicoke’s very own Barclay Terrace. *note our listing in Barclay is not on the 25th floor.

It’s all about the view. A cities skyline is often featured in tourism advertising, especially our city which features the iconic CN Tower. The CN tower much like the Space Needle in Seattle and the Empire State building in New York represents the best our city has to offer. People are drawn to the majesty of the architecture and the heights

we aspire. There are the views from the building itself to consider but more importantly the view it has created for the rest of us surrounding it.

Tourists are not the only people who appreciate a good skyline.

Often a view is the most important part of buying real estate. If you are in the market for a condo (and there are many out there) you are more than likely going to be concerned

about what you will be looking at out your window.

In Etobicoke we desire South West facing views. We want to see the lake, to remind us that there is nature right outside our doors. There is something calm and serene about the idea of lake views. We want to see the tower in all its stunning glory towering over the Dome and other much smaller buildings, which surround it.