I met a friend at an Etobicoke hang out. Artisano Bakery Cafe has been around for years and serves fresh, tasty food to crowds of people. Every time I am in there for lunch the place is packed. I enjoyed a bowl of Thai soup and half a turkey, green apple, Brie sandwich. My friends had the spinach and walnut salad. I washed it all down with a large, almost bowl-like, mug of vanilla-hazelnut latte. I had decided not to end my afternoon outing there and made two more stops. The last of which was to a used bookstore.

The Batta Used Book store on The Queensway by Royal York is closing. I’d never been until today and I am sorry for that. A friend of mine told me about it because she frequents used bookstores and knows I am a book fanatic. My collection grows monthly and threatens to take over the house. It may be time to invest in another Ikea shelving unit.

Batta’s clerk was not sure when they would close “could be tomorrow, could be two years from now” since its not an area of The Queensway that gets a lot of foot traffic it seems the little book store doesn’t get many people coming in. It’s not surprising though you’d hardly know the store was there unless you were looking for it. It’s a small storefront two blocks east of Royal York and the Batta seems to be missing from the overhead sign, which read “Used Books”.

I spent over an hour there this afternoon and except for the man exiting when I entered I was the only person inside. The store reminds me of my own book collection, disorganized piles in no particular order threatening to topple over. It’s just the place I love to spend some free time in. I comb through shelves upon shelves looking for books on my vast list, looking for authors I’ve enjoyed in the past and classics that are must reads. Hopefully I can get out to the store again before its “to be determined” closure. Since the store only takes cash I was not able to get all the books I’d picked out because I carry very little if any cash on me.

Looking for a hidden treasure with all the charm a cramped, dusty bookstore should have, them definitely make your way to Batta Used Books, it’s warm inside and the clerk is very helpful. Looking for something specific just ask as they have over 50, 000 books.