Anyone who has ever done renovations knows it’s expensive. Materials, labour, time and expense add up. That is why it is absolutely genius that Habitat for Humanity has developed a socially conscious home building supplies business.

The idea was born in Winnipeg in 1991 and has grown across Canada (73 stores) and the United State.

The ReStore accepts new, gently used and recycled materials and sells them to the public at what seems to be a reasonable price. Proceeds from the store are used to fund Habitat’s homebuilding projects. So not only can you find unique, inspiring pieces that would otherwise have been thrown out you are helping to provide housing for others.

One afternoon I found the time to checkout the ReStore right here in Etobicoke(between Islington and Royal York) and was amazed at the really cool items they had. Entire kitchens cabinets, counters etc. just waiting for someone to install them into their home. Doors with glass knobs, lighting fixtures with character all waiting to find a good home.

So if you’re finding the regular building supply stores just aren’t cutting it for you make your way to the ReStore and find something new, gently used or returned that may be perfect for your reno.