Social Media Coordinator and Assistant

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Gordon and I am assisting Kathy and Joe as well as coordinating their social media. While they are quite busy in the world of realty, buying, selling, and working with clients I am entrusted with the task of promoting and marketing our team. Etobicokehomes4sale is quite literally a family. Ours is one that lives and breathes Real Estate.


Growing up the daughter of a realtor I learned a thing or two about dealing with the public, gaging people’s reactions and knowing when to up the ante. As an impressionable child I learned the lingo and used it quite liberally. I’ve been on my fair share of drive-bys, I know how stressful multiples can be and I’m no fan of FSBO’s (fiz-bo).


I’ve been working for the team since this past December but have only now decided to introduce myself, as it seemed necessary.  Back tracking a little I should explain that one of my duties is to blog about Etobicoke life. I am what you may call a woman about town. If it’s fun, fabulous and funky I’m there. Which makes me sound a lot cooler than I really am.


Not wanting to misrepresent my team, or myself I should probably have introduced myself earlier. As you may have noticed the blog is written from a feminine perspective, which can be slightly odd if you’re reading it via Joe Gordon’s LinkedIn account. Also some people may wonder how Kathy has the time to have multiple listings, deal with dozens of potential buyers and still have time to check out the ReStore, spend an hour or so at a used bookstore or even sit down and write a blog.

Team Etobicokehomes4sale


So any expertise regarding Real Estate featured in the blog is something I’ve picked up over the years from the true experts Kathy and Joe Gordon. I’m here to make sure that while you’re house hunting you’re having a good time discovering what Etobicoke has to offer you.