If you’re trying to sell a house your best weapon is accessibility. If you’re agent, their office and others cannot reach you it’s hard to make deals transpire. This inaccessibility also sends a signal “I’m not really interested in dealing with you, nor am I interested in selling my property any time soon”.

Always be available to answer phone calls, e-mail, drop everything and run out to make way for showings within reason of course. Real Estate deals do often run late into the night but there is no need to expect a call at 3am and certainly not a showing.

What it all boils down to: numbers. The more agents, buyers, neighbours, lookie-loos who are able to walk through your property the more likely you are to get a good price. These showings create buzz, buzz creates word of mouth etc.

As a seller you’re looking to unburden yourself and perhaps (hopefully) make a profit in the mean time. Land appreciates and so why not capitalize on that? Get as many eyes on your assets as possible.

The same goes for selling Agents. If other Agents with potential buyers can’t reach you or don’t hear back from you this makes it harder to make deals happen. You may be busy and unable to make the time but it is part of your job to represent your client. That one phone call you didn’t make may or may not cost your client an offer. What it definitely does cost is a piece chipped away from your reputation, one that you’ve probably worked very hard to build.

Be available, day, night, via e-mail, phone, carrier pigeon, tin cans and a string. Whatever it takes always be available.

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