As the daughter of two Real Estate Agents’ I know a thing or two about the business, literally just a thing or two. I cannot claim to know more because believe me you have to be in the thick of it to fully understand.
I’ve seen deals come, deals go, clients satisfied and houses sold. I thought I knew a lot about the business, at least from the side of the agent. I didn’t know the half of it.
Recently a close friend, who has been saving since her first job babysitting, decided now was the time to buy a house. So team Etobicokehomes4sale set out to find her the perfect place.
Several months later and at least three offers made and she will be the proud owner of her new home come August. It was a long and winding road.
I was personally invested in this buyer’s search. Our team scoured MLS day and night to find the perfect home. We would often tweak searches slightly here and there to see what else was out there. Often one small detail can change the outcome of a search drastically and I wanted to leave no stone unturned.
Our client and my friend went in to every situation knowing exactly what she wanted, what she was willing to do for it and what she could compromise on. Because there will always have to be compromises. You are never guaranteed everything on your ‘must have’ list.
Working with the agent and being as invested in the search as the client herself I learned a lot about the relationship between the two, the search itself and real estate in general. It helped that our client believed in us. She knew that the team would never allow her to buy a bad investment.
The market was not an easy one for our client. It’s what we call a seller’ market (usually is) and properties were hot. Houses that needed tons of work but were solid were selling for thousands over asking with multiple bidders. This was discouraging. I was becoming discouraged and angry. I can only imagine how my friend felt.
In the end what she sacrificed in house (small sacrifice, mind you) she made up for in location. She is elated to have finally found a house to call her own and we are thrilled for her.