People often want second and even third opinions on everything from a diagnosis to which shoes go better. Second Opinions are no different in the Real Estate world. When listing what can arguably be called your biggest investment you want to know that you’re getting the best service, from someone you’re confortable with. Often sellers will meet with a few agents before deciding on who will list their property.


When you call Etobicokehomes4sale to meet you and see your property Kathy and Joe Gordon don’t come empty handed. Our team will have already done a Comparative Market Analysis of your home based on the specifics you provided us over the phone or in previous meetings. This comparison will be comprised of homes in your area of a similar make, age and condition with yours that have sold recently or are currently for sale. This along with further details of your home gathered at this viewing will help us determine a value for your home.


At this meeting our team will set you up to receive comparables from the multiple listings service as they hit the market so you are kept up-to-date on what the market in your neighbourhood looks like. We’ll also be able to outline in person our marketing strategy as well as provide past performance statistics.


We are also happy to tour the house and provide suggestions on what can be improved. At the same time we can address things that may be issues for potential buyers. This can be anywhere from suggesting to repave a driveway to simply de-cluttering. Every little bit counts and will eventually help sell the house and in some cases boost the sale price of a house. Often it helps to have an expert eye look things over. Sometimes as a homeowner you may overlook or gloss over things that aren’t a priority to you but could be to potential buyer’s viewing your home.


Ultimately we are there to hear what you want and how we can help you sell your home.