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Posted by Kathy Gordon on Thursday, November 7th, 2019 at 10:26am


This is our latest Listing in 360 inside and outside the home. Just find our Logo at the front door and click and you will enter the home. From the entrance you can go to the Kitchen , the Living Dining open space, down the Corrider to the bedrooms and Main Bath or outside just by clicking our logo. There is a floorplan icon on the bottom left of the screen that when you click a room it will open into that room for a full 360 view. Or you can click on the arrow at the centre bottom of the page and that will open up photos of the rooms you can click on to check out. Or also on the left bottom is an icon beside the floorplan icon that will take you to the floor or outside 360’s .
This tool is also great to see through your Game VR Visors to achieve the full immersion into the home. This software allows for a Phone VR where you put the phone into the visor and work it that way. To play around with it just click the Learn More button and you can try it out. I’d love to know what you think and if you like what you see come see it for real. Just call Kathy or Lauren 416-570-8405 and make an appointment.

You can get this effect with the help of a Madventure 360 camera and Immoviewer software that puts stitches your 360 all together. It takes depending upon the size of the property anywhere from 30 minutes to 1hr to take photos and maybe thirty minutes on the software to complete. The software Immoviewer comes with a marketing package to so you can get the word out on all your advertising and Social Medias.


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Posted by Kathy Gordon on Monday, October 21st, 2019 at 11:20am

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And on top of all this you will get Kathy’s over 30 years of experience in buying and selling homes. Lauren’s Millenial knowledge of how the world world works today post Social Media , Smart phone, docusigning etc… Becca’s Email Marketing and Client Services Scheduling, and Joe’s latest technologies to do with Photography, VR Virtual Reality, VideoMarketing, Interactive Floor Plans both for scouting out your home and positioning of the prospective clients furniture.  Also we have two on the ready Buyers Agents ready to answer the call when you are approved and initiating seeing whats out there. They will help you from beginning to close and beyond the purchase of your new home or condo.

Posted by Kathy Gordon on Monday, October 7th, 2019 at 11:08am

I am always looking for what is new and workable for our family Real Estate business. In the last month we have launched our new website It has a lot of new features and upgrades just since our last launch 2 years ago. The Mapping draw a polygon feature, the List price reduction or addition that appears on each listing where there has been an update, the enhancment features that allow for 360 Tours of the home or Condos, and the more professional look and feel in both desktop and mobile phone and tablets. All these make for a better search experience and the follow up provided by our CRM Customer Relationship Manager helps us keep in touch to provide our prospective leads, clients, past, current and future  find what they are looking for.

We have also attached tools to guide you on the site. You may have met KaLo our video Bot as well as text bot . She is your concierge to help speed up your site visit. On the lower right of the screen she can link you directly to pages like Condos by the Lake, or By the Subway or specific neighbourhoods you are actively looking in.

Well my latest advancement is the Madventure 360 Camera combined with Immoviewer to show you whats in the corners, ceilings, floors of our properties as you walk through the Virtual Tour. With this you can visualize through your VR Visors.  Or while sitting in the comforts and convenience of your home anywhere in the world  we can send you the tour a (LIVE TOUR) and go through the home with you. While on the phone we can discuss the features, floor by floor , room by room and also provide you with a floor plan. So if you are away on a vacation or on business and your spouse wants you too see something on a timely basis to make an informed decision , they will have the satisfaction of working with us in answering all of the questions that arise in an actual  walk through showing of our listing.

This is all very exciting to me not so much the other members of our family business but they try to understand and if you would like me to explain better please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading.