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Up and coming, Active House, better living=better lifestyle 

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What if a home could improve upon your five senses? 

Great Gulf homes in CanadaEtobicoke’s Centennial Park neighbourhood have created this new age home to enhance your life and lifestyle. It is the first of its kind and they call it Active House. Their approach is the efforts of a team of Denmark and Canadian scientists determining what in a home can be improved upon with todays technologies to make it the best possible experience.

Active House is a better way to build and live in your home.The five senses we enjoy as human beings are the senses Great Gulf has focussed on for a better living experience. 

Our sense of sight is improved in the daytime so they positioned skylights with automated shutter systems and Sun tunnels that open to allow a maximum daylight factor. When it rains the sunlights sense it and close automatically  .

The indoor air quality is healthier with two systems, one mechanical and one natural. In tandem, this makes for potentially better sleep habits. Like those Cottage fresh air deep sleeps we all know and cherish.

With the triple glazed windows and Great Gulfs pre-fabricated home construction the acoustics provide an improved hearing experience throughout the home. 

Energy efficiency is perfect to the touch. Better construction, freshwater consumption, energy supply, demand all reducing the dependency on fossil fuels make this home touch all of your senses in a positive way and more. 

Three Active House principles:

  • Comfort: the building creates a healthier and more comfortable life
  • Energy: the building contributes positively to the energy balance of the building
  • Environment: the building has a positive impact on the environment.


Home is a safe haven for your family and the Rogers Smart Home is infused into this home with their wi-fi technology ready to sense danger whether it be physical or natural. A water sensor in the basement will trigger alarms if there is a flood. Even Tesla is getting in on the act with its Powerwall system, not only a backup system but also it manages your energy used and consumed.

Now that this first Active House is ready for its first buyer and what better location could there be then Centennial Park? Where people play and enjoy active lifestyles at the Olympian, the Golf Course, the Botanical Gardens, local Football stadium and Ice Rinks all surrounding the Ski Hills and trails for cycling and Jogging and lots more.  An Active lifestyle for an Active House.


“the easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it”

We understand…

A loved one’s lifestyle is changing. It could be a downsize, a divorce or even a death in the family. The challenges of this moment in your families life are difficult to understand. Moving your parents is one big thing, finding a caring place is another. Then selling your childhood home seems inconsequential after helping your family cope.

Our job is to minimize the challenges and our specialty is meeting with everyone involved, providing the expertise needed to solve the families issues, to do with Real Estate. Getting the family home ready, whether it is decluttering, Cleaning, moving old furniture out and staging new furniture and accessories to update your home with its best foot forward. Providing all the necessary contacts to get the job done within the set time. Guiding you along the path with the least bit of resistance possible, for everyone involved.

“Childhood homes become repositories for our memories, and even years later, when we see a home we once lived in, hundreds of evocative memories can flood in. “We remember where the Christmas tree stood, or the mantel by which all the prom and graduation and first day of school pictures sit.”

“I was quickly flooded with emotion as the realization set in that the only home and safe haven I had known for my entire life — 47 years — was about to be sold, and I could never again set foot inside,”

Photographing the rooms, furniture, wallpaper and even appliances — anything that evokes a memory — also helps with closure, said Dr. Linda Sapadin, Long Island-based psychologist and author of “Master Your Fears,” along with other self-help books.

These are all the considerations we endeavour to answer and solve for you.

Take the items that evoke the richest memories, the Doorway that measured your sibling’s growth, the doorknob of your room that would never lock properly, the bunk bed bottom you stared at dreaming the night away, the cookie jar,. This will help with the separation anxiety from your happy childhood.

We will do our best to answer all of your concerns. Feel free to contact us and ask anything. We would love to help your family get through this arduous task.


019-223805-call2action_unbrandedDreaming of living down by the Lake, enjoying all the trails, parks, schools etc. Imagine a two-storey spacious with all the amenities for your family and entertaining your friends like never before. Open Concept Living and Dining, a main floor Family Room and Kitchen with a walkout to the deck, main floor powder room, Hardwood floors, Gas Cooking, a Chefs Prep Island, al fresco dining in the garden. And Upstairs bright, skylights splash the sun on the staircase and roomy Main 4 piece Bath. A Master with a Corner ensuite and walk-in closet and two good sized sunlit bedrooms for the rest of the family.

Go Fetchit is a new service I tried out the other day which runs like an Uber service for delivery and pickup of items. I needed to get rid of two appliances and lumber materials to be taken to the dump. We use Uhaul for our Staging service of ( our Real Estate family business) on a regular basis. But with Uhaul you need to get help with the lifting, rental of the truck, insurance on the truck and kilometers and gas for the truck. These are the fixed costs. So when I needed to get rid of the items already mentioned I wanted a simpler way of doing it minus all the headaches of finding help and insurance etc.

I watched a recent TV program on Zoomers TV on Downsizing your home to a smaller premise. The show had a panel of advisors on it from the Real Estate industry, mortgage, and financial industry and people that do staging. This new service was promoted called Fetchit so I downloaded the App on my iPhone and figured out which of their services I needed. I chose Garbage and filled out what I was getting rid of and a quote of $200.00 came up. I entered the payment info and a photo of the items and posted the job and waited for a timed response of someone accepting the work. I was unsure when I posted what size of vehicle was needed and did not want to choose wrongly. Fortunately, they can be contacted online or by phone. I needed to contact someone when I noticed the there were 2 charges put through my credit account. I phoned and thankfully a person answered and informed that a hold was put on for the job posting but I would not be charged until the job was completed (apparently UBER does this as well) The second posting I inadvertently made when trying to figure out how Fetchit works.

The date and time I had scheduled the job for were emailed as confirmation and the Driver arrived and loaded the merchandise on his truck. No monies were transferred until the I opened the App on my iPhone, reviewed the completion and satisfaction and then entered the pay button.

My recommendation was favourable . You do need to get the items to the curbside and if loading takes longer than 5-10 minutes I believe there is an additional nominal charge. So I had everything ready an hour before he arrived which is good when you are in a Condo situation and can’t have stuff laying around for ANY LENGTH of time.

As trying out new things is sometimes difficult finding help is one thing and hoping they are suitable to the task is another. Then the trials and tribulations of getting a truck, driving a truck, plus gas, insurance and potential health and accidental occurrences, ala in all I found this service convenient and efficient in so many ways. Definitely worth a try. And when confirmed that payment was received I opened my Fetchit App and it showed the mistake of a second charge to my card was cancelled. Nice job , Fetchit! and thanks.

Visualizing your new home! Believe and you may have the winning offer

Posted by Joe Gordon on Friday, January 13th, 2017 at 12:26pm.

Here’s an experience , that if you believe may help you just get that winning offer.

Jack Cansfield, a best-selling author relays his own Mothers experience to us in The Secret. Do you believe in Manifest Destiny?

 She was buying a new house and several people besides her had put offers for this particular house. His Mother decided to use The Secret to make that house hers. She sat down and wrote her name and the new address of the house over and over. She continued doing this until it felt as though it was her address. She then imagined placing all of her furniture in that new house. Within hours of doing these things, she received a phone call saying her offer had been accepted. She was so thrilled, but it didn’t come as a surprise to her because she knew the house was hers. 

Well if you need help visualizing your dream home, try using our Interactive Floorplan that we have on every home we have listed. You can place your furniture, in all types and sizes, add your colours, view each room in 3D, from walls to windows, doors and make it yours. The software is called Floorplanonline and there is much more that you will find out when you start to play around with it. You can match the furniture with yours or try out a different type of sofa, coffee table, TV stand and see how it works in the space. And you can view your results it in 3D perspective rather than from the ceiling down. And print it so you can show the movers what’s going where. #wegetyoumoving