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Urbanites, where you at? Imagine living life in a land where luxury and comfortability meet? Etobicoke is filled with luxurious condominiums, buildings, and houses that exude warmth and serenity. If you want to dive into a wealth of awesome properties, then you might want to check out We have agents armed with the knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect home for you.

Houses for sale in Etobicoke run the gambit from classic architecture to more modern abodes; designs that appeal to many different tastes, bridging from traditional to modern style. agents are also able to help you with houses for sale by owner. They will manage the transactions between the buyers and the sellers to put all parties at the greatest of ease.

Our website will help you search out and find the home you want in the local neighbourhood and your price range. Or your preferred Condo building or Complex and price range.

Whatever the style of home you desire, you can contact our agents to guide you and deliver you just the right home you’re looking for. Their job also revolves around providing as much assistance leading up to the sale, during the sale and after. Our agents will meet with you, and can discuss your needs vs. wants while providing helpful insights about the ins and outs of real estate.

Our agents can provide advice and resources to help with the house-decluttering, cleaning, moving old furniture out, and/or replacing it with ‘staged’ furniture if necessary.

Over the 30+ years in the business Kathy and her team have amassed knowledge, connections, and resources so all your transactions are made easier. We want to ensure that our clients are beyond satisfied with our service.

Etobicoke has your dream home. Don’t waste time, start your house hunt today with!


Every Etobicoke Local neighbourhood listed on our site has a link to HoodQ.

HoodQ gives you all the data with more detailed info on each Category. Like Local Schools, Public, Middle, Catholic and High and their websites and all sorts of info about the local stores, Local Pharmacy, Local Grocery etc and of course the safety concerns, Closest Local hospital, Local Fire and Local Police Station. Here is the link to our HoodQ on our latest listing in Centennial Park.  Please feel free to try it out or any of the similar type icons we have on each neighbourhood page on our site. Just go to Neighbourhoods on our Homepage and click on the drop-down menu and choose.

And if you would like some info on your family address just call, email or text us the home address you want and we will send you a HoodQ Neighbourhood report.

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