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We sell Condos too!

We, The Gordon’s have been verifying our testimonials through a software app called  Rank My Agent. We understand that what families say about our efforts to help them buy/sell their properties is important. Rankmyagent verifies all of our clients reviews with them and this gives there authenticity greater value. 

We recently had some work done in our home and when we went to pay, our Homestar contractor wanted us to retract our review to 5 Stars. We werent entirely satisfied with the workmanship and follow up but he was insistent. This put into question who follows up on these reviews. Like a third party so we can know we are getting an honest  review. At one of our more recent business conventions we found  Many of the top agents industry-wide in the Real Estate business were using this product because of its authenticity and we are happy to have been working with them for the last couple of years.

Find out what you can afford in 1/2 minute!

We know when you get started to invest in your new or next home or Condo the internet is the best place to start. But like starting to shop for anything we all need to know what we can spend. Well now it just takes 30 seconds and you will be off to the races. I’m just getting started! Find out how much you could afford in 30 seconds

Posted by Kathy Gordon on Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 at 9:19am

We would like to welcome to to enrich both of our viewers to a greater experience of our neighbourhoods. In searching for your new home or condo one of the first criteria should be the neighbourhood that best suits you and your family. Considering location, proximity to your work or your children to schools are major factors. The better research will optimize the whole moving experience. And we here at believe neighbourhood guide as an invaluable source for our clients when making these decisions. so Happy New Year and let us begin on the search for your next move.