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Every Etobicoke Local neighbourhood listed on our site has a link to HoodQ.

HoodQ gives you all the data with more detailed info on each Category. Like Local Schools, Public, Middle, Catholic and High and their websites and all sorts of info about the local stores, Local Pharmacy, Local Grocery etc and of course the safety concerns, Closest Local hospital, Local Fire and Local Police Station. Here is the link to our HoodQ on our latest listing in Centennial Park.  http://bit.ly/2F4zsYc  Please feel free to try it out or any of the similar type icons we have on each neighbourhood page on our site. Just go to Neighbourhoods on our Homepage and click on the drop-down menu and choose.

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Etobicoke is full of old wartime bungalows that at one time entire families lived in. Years ago families required less living space. More time was spent outside the home therefore mega-McMansions weren’t necessary. Now we have more stuff, bigger stuff and everyone requires there own living space. Sharing bedrooms, TV’s etc is unheard of.

I recently came across a listing that completely reimagines old wartime bungalows. 44 Treeview Dr. appears to have been gutted from its original layout. It is no longer anywhere near being a home for a family, which is fine because families these days require much more square footage. This is definitely a home for a single person or childless couple.

While I am in no way enamoured with most of the finishes in this house (eek garish tile all over the basement) or the open concept which was taken a smidge too far in the basement, I do like the concept.

Gone are all bedrooms on the main level. Walking into the house you have now entered an almost entirely open space. All living/dining, kitchen and a washroom. While this is pretty neat layout I would personally have devoted more square footage to the kitchen & put it at the back of the house near the walkout to the backyard.

Where are you to sleep? You ask. Good question. The bedroom (yes there is only one) is now in the basement. It appears they dug down and made larger windows for more light. The entire basement with the exception of the laundry is now a master suite including walk-in closet. I’m not crazy about how open everything is but if its just you and/or your partner I guess it doesn’t matter, you probably have a very open relationship with no secrets.

So onto why I think this idea has merit. Without having to bulldoze all wartime bungalows in favour of McMansions or dot the Etobicoke landscape with more condo buildings, people should consider converting bungalows into condo-alternatives. You get the space that most condo buildings don’t have, a backyard for barbecuing, sun tanning, off leash dog space etc but no condo fees, the neighbours aren’t practically on top of you and you haven’t laid to waste a perfectly good structure.

More and more people have kids later in life or are deciding to forgo children altogether. Families are smaller and sometimes consist of just you, your partner and possibly your fur baby. The downside of course is that resale on a home like this is probably not fabulous because it is geared towards a very specific market. Buyers in this market would also be looking at a neighbourhood catered more to their needs with night life, walkability etc being available. So houses like this would be better closer to downtown. It would also likely be very hard to convert the house back to a family dwelling.

Perhaps we will see more houses like this in the future.

Downsizing? Trouble with finding a condo where you don’t have to buy all new furniture?

And close to transit that you can walk too?

Where you can have a visitor over and you can feel not so closed in?

With views of the Park and a Golf Course so you can watch people move and greenery grow.

Barclay Terrace is where you need to be and its always so well maintained and has lots to do.

Just check out the video and then call us.

"One Sherway"One Sherway Etobicoke Condos

Etobicokes Finest First Class Shopping experience is now the home of not one but two soon to be four fabulous Condominiums

offering the best in lifestyle and luxuries. Sherway Gardens is home to The Bay, Sporting Life, Pottery Barn, Williams and Sonoma

and a possible future Nordstroms and many more of the worlds finest Retailers. In the same class is “One Sherway” with its

Swimming pool and Hydropool, Fitness facilities, Saunas, Lounge, Billiards room Media lounge and Theatre Cinema. Your lifestyle

will complement “the things you love to do.” And all in your condo. In your neighbourhood all within a kilometer is WalMart,

Best Buy, Home Outfitters, Chapters and more shopping. For Dining Sherways Gourmet Fair is perfect for a quick bite and

Jack Astors the meeting place for your friends. For special dining there is the Canyon Creek Chop House , Red Lobster and more.

These sleek modern Towers offer exquiste suites of 8-9 foot ceilings, superior Kitchens of granite and ceramic quality. Luxurious baths ,

Security and Monitoring systems featuring remote  panic alarm on your key chain for us in the garage safety are all part of the

Great Gulf /Menkes experience. There’s lots of Visitor parking to, a great way for friends to meet and shop with you without the hassle

of finding a parking spot.  Call us for a showing today and we will get you moving.



Built by Cadillac Fairview in the ’70s, the Lambton Square condominium community is located just north of the prized Lambton Golf and Country Club and south/east of the winding Humber River. Developed into a beautifully landscaped & principal green forum, the 4 towers of the complex are each different condominium corporations, with their own separate recreation facilities.

Facilities featured in the Lambton Square condominiums include an exercise room, main level laundry facility, car wash, outdoor pool, and lovely landscaped walking paths. Each condo building is twenty stories high with 256 spacious suites (1, 2 and 3 bedroom designs) and each suite features an eat-in kitchen, ensuite laundry, large sunken living room, and an generous balcony. The suites are ample and well designed, and also enjoy breathtaking & peaceful river and/or golf course views (lending to obvious value).

Well within walking distance are expansive parklands, the Humber River, and miles of hiking & bicycle paths (including the beautiful James Gardens located directly south). Both private and public golf courses are very close. For the daily and casual commuter, TTC service stops in front of the building (a single bus ride to Runnymede subway station) and several small plazas as well as a large  Loblaws grocery store are nearby.  For animal lovers– the buildings are pet friendly!