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It is undeniable that houses and condos in Etobicoke are luxurious and elegant, simply looking at their exteriors and large lots will make you think that its prices soar above other boroughs. The prices may take you aback but, if you’re a buyer who’s willing to negotiate with the seller, you’ll see how flexible the prices of your dream house can be with the right negotiator at your side.

As a buyer of real estate for sale in Etobicoke, you will want a representative who is professional and can negotiate with the seller and their agent regarding the house that you wish to buy. We have you covered and will help you find the best house for you, the one that fits all your criteria. We specialize in detached, semi-detached, townhomes and condos in Etobicoke.

Garden Patio (1 of 1) and The Gordons will help you find a home that suits your needs while also comparing it to other recent house sales in the area. This is to ensure you pay the current market value. Having this knowledge gives you the background to negotiate a fair price. Knowing what else the market has to offer may bring a surprise your way, perhaps your first choice wasn’t meant to be.

You should also scrutinize the condition of the house. Is it still in good condition and if not how much will it take you to get it where you want it to be? A pre-inspection or a condition of a home inspection and your agent will be able to provide you with a ballpark amount of what repairs/renovations may cost. Don’t abruptly assume that thousands of dollars will immediately fly out of your bank account. You will want to know this information before you go forward especially on fixer upper homes in Etobicoke.


The price of the house can also depend on the location. You must also consider the location of the house you have chosen and just don’t fall in love with its appearance. It is practical to consider how far or near it is to the mall, grocery stores, or how long your commute may. Our website features all the neighbourhoods in Etobicoke with HOOD-Q data on the schools, nearest Fire, Police and shopping.

Our agents can advise you how long a property has been on the market. This is a major factor in negotiating the price of a home. Considering comparable properties, location, condition, length of time on the market etc can all help in the negotiation process.

We are experienced and have the knowledge to help you realize your real estate dreams.

Visit and get started on your search for the perfect home.


Urbanites, where you at? Imagine living life in a land where luxury and comfortability meet? Etobicoke is filled with luxurious condominiums, buildings, and houses that exude warmth and serenity. If you want to dive into a wealth of awesome properties, then you might want to check out We have agents armed with the knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect home for you.

Houses for sale in Etobicoke run the gambit from classic architecture to more modern abodes; designs that appeal to many different tastes, bridging from traditional to modern style. agents are also able to help you with houses for sale by owner. They will manage the transactions between the buyers and the sellers to put all parties at the greatest of ease.

Our website will help you search out and find the home you want in the local neighbourhood and your price range. Or your preferred Condo building or Complex and price range.

Whatever the style of home you desire, you can contact our agents to guide you and deliver you just the right home you’re looking for. Their job also revolves around providing as much assistance leading up to the sale, during the sale and after. Our agents will meet with you, and can discuss your needs vs. wants while providing helpful insights about the ins and outs of real estate.

Our agents can provide advice and resources to help with the house-decluttering, cleaning, moving old furniture out, and/or replacing it with ‘staged’ furniture if necessary.

Over the 30+ years in the business Kathy and her team have amassed knowledge, connections, and resources so all your transactions are made easier. We want to ensure that our clients are beyond satisfied with our service.

Etobicoke has your dream home. Don’t waste time, start your house hunt today with!

One Sherway is a gorgeous, fairly new complex within literal steps to the best shopping in Toronto. Sherway Gardens is a large, luxury shopping mall serving Etobicoke and Toronto’s west end for over 30 years. One Sherway was built by Great Gulf and Menkes and completed in 2013.

“One Sherway condos for sale”

Ext Sherway1 (1 of 1)


These towers are the best Etobicoke has to offer. Located centrally with access to the QEW/Gardiner and 427, One Sherway is ideal for commuters, shoppers and young urbanites seeking more space than downtown will offer. Walkscore gives One Sherway a 79 which is very walkable with good transit and lauds it as bikeable. Beautifully maintained with chic common elements this condo building is an excellent place to live and thrive in Etobicoke. With views of Toronto and Mississauga skylines units in this building are highly sought out.


-24 hour concierge

-Visitor parking

-1 guest suite

-Private theatre

-Media lounge

-Party room/Lounge with servery kitchen/bar

-Billiards and Bar

-Sun lounge


-Yoga room

-Fitness and weight room




 In our NEW Informed Sellers Guide, we ask the question of our potential clients to write 10 reasons “Why I love my Home and
neighbourhood?” In 2015 I wrote about Etobicoke neighbourhoods and why we love them best.

Pinterest has a board of 722 best why I love my house images. It’s inspiring to look at these images and envision them in your home. There’s a blog by the Frugal Homemaker that shows the 20 reasons why she loves her home and they are getting ready to move next year.

Quoted in an essay by unknown “For me, happiness starts from my home and ends at my home.” Well, why is that?

The main reason we ask is to find out from the home seller why they have loved living there. What is their story? For a home buyer, this can be important information. They are looking for a home to grow with and a neighbourhood to feel safe and comfortable in. What is it that made the Seller live there for so long?

For the home :

where was your favourite room to read? What happens to the home in each season? What are the warm spots and cold spots? Bell or Rogers stories? Best fireplace or  Oven mishap? Celebrations! Handyman or woman for all the different adventures, plumbing, electrical, renos, tiling, painting, roof, and eavestrough…

For the neighbourhood:
Where did they like to go for outdoor time and activities? Where is the best shopping or grocery store and why? What churches and schools were like? Who likes pets and who doesn’t? Where are the closest dog parks? Are there any Book clubs or social activities like street parties? Who is the go-to IT guy or gal on the block?

 What is your story?

We have lived in many of the hoods in Etobicoke. Princess Gardens is where we grew up, Eatonville then Princess Ann Manor. Now Humber Heights. And each neighbourhood has its best routes to major Highways, stores etc. Where to avoid traffic? Where to get the best take out, where to find your favourite coffee spot, friendliest bar, convenient gym for workouts, dog walks, Jogging or cycling trails. Baby strolling sidewalks? Auto repair or body shops you trust? Cheapest Gas or best for Tim’s and fill up.

I hope this helps you fill out our sheet so that everyone can get the most out of it. Just do not fall in love with your house again and start the discussion of “Why are we moving” again. That will just disrupt the whole process. Your next focus should be what are we getting rid of as in clutter and Furniture to make room for all the people who want to buy your old home.

So when you get your guide and get to this page in it “Describe 10 things you love most about your home or neighbourhood.” this is our guide on how to answer it, that is if you need any help at all.

Disclaimer: This Blog is not intended to get you to sell your home or to make you fall back in love with it. But…

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Every Etobicoke Local neighbourhood listed on our site has a link to HoodQ.

HoodQ gives you all the data with more detailed info on each Category. Like Local Schools, Public, Middle, Catholic and High and their websites and all sorts of info about the local stores, Local Pharmacy, Local Grocery etc and of course the safety concerns, Closest Local hospital, Local Fire and Local Police Station. Here is the link to our HoodQ on our latest listing in Centennial Park.  Please feel free to try it out or any of the similar type icons we have on each neighbourhood page on our site. Just go to Neighbourhoods on our Homepage and click on the drop-down menu and choose.

And if you would like some info on your family address just call, email or text us the home address you want and we will send you a HoodQ Neighbourhood report.

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