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Find out what you can afford in 1/2 minute!

We know when you get started to invest in your new or next home or Condo the internet is the best place to start. But like starting to shop for anything we all need to know what we can spend. Well now it just takes 30 seconds and you will be off to the races. I’m just getting started! Find out how much you could afford in 30 seconds

Posted by Kathy Gordon on Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 at 9:19am

We would like to welcome to to enrich both of our viewers to a greater experience of our neighbourhoods. In searching for your new home or condo one of the first criteria should be the neighbourhood that best suits you and your family. Considering location, proximity to your work or your children to schools are major factors. The better research will optimize the whole moving experience. And we here at believe neighbourhood guide as an invaluable source for our clients when making these decisions. so Happy New Year and let us begin on the search for your next move.

As a past client or a future buyer/seller of The Gordons we would like to offer you the following services.


A TOP CMA (Current Market Analysis)

Here is a sample of the report you will receive.

Your home, what’s it worth? All those updates you planned created significant value to your home. Do you want to know how much? You may be losing future money! A complete report of your home, your neighbourhood and full comparisons of what has sold recently nearby. For buyers the report gives you data on what the local market solds properties are, what are the neighbourhood stores with reviews, and what amenities are nearby, what your travel time will be from your home to the office, and School reports

with ratings and catchment area.

Have you updated your mortgage? It’s more than just your % rate. There are many more factors that will go into it? You can save by knowing. We can meet with you and a Mortgage Broker to review.

How up to date is your Home Insurance? Contents are a major component if anything happens. Do you have them up to date? We can meet with you and our expert to explain the best way to cover yourself. The Homediary is a great free tool to inventory your contents and costs for safety and financial concerns.

Do you have a Home Diary? This is a free tool for keeping all of your improvements to your home updated and catalogued. It also helps you plan your improvements the HGTV way with 2D and 3D floorplans that allow you to place your furniture in each room as well. As soon as you move in each receipt, of everything you add to your home can be entered room by room and inventoried. A great tool to have when you sell, great for Insurance and Tax purposes and much more. And its FREE!

If you are interested in any of these services you should call us. We want you to know about your greatest investment.